If you need an experienced writer and editor who takes your work seriously, you’ve come to the right place. But before we talk about your content strategy, let me try to anticipate your questions.

Who am I?

A San Francisco native who lives abroad, I create custom content on a variety of topics for clients in different industries around the globe. I’m also known for my sharp editing and research skills. 

What makes me unique?

Real World Experience.

I’ve held management, academic, and business roles in a variety of fields. This means I have specialist sector knowledge of more topics than most content developers do.

Why do clients like my work?

I make difficult topics easier to read. I research and source data. I stay abreast of evolving SEO best practices. I tailor tone, diction, and register to the style of your brand’s voice — and I’m a meticulous editor.

Why do clients trust me?

I’m empathetic, solution-driven, and easy to work with. I stay in front of deadlines and try to respect time zones. I’ve successfully collaborated in both agile and traditional environments. I care greatly about the quality of my work and the success of my clients.

What industries have I written for recently?

SaaS, B2B, personal finance, fintech, economics, cryptocurrency, blockchain, financial services, AI, robotics, data privacy, project management, agile methodology, real estate, insurance, cross-cultural business development, marketing research, and more…

What kind of content do I write and edit for clients?

Blog posts, web copy, long-form content, research papers, editorials, advertorials, affiliate articles, product reviews, interview and podcast write-ups, article curations, round-ups, newsletters, social media posts, course content, ebooks, white papers, lead magnets, and more…

Need custom content? Have a special project? No, problem. Let’s talk.

What do I like to do when not writing?

I’m into tech, blockchain, and sustainable living. Playtime is yoga, skiing, surfing, and travel. I have a couple of crazy feral cats that I take on adventures. Stay tuned for their Youtube channel.

How to connect with me?

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or click the Contact button below.

“Suzanne is a highly competent, thoughtful and honest writer and editor. She is a quick study and has a unique talent for translating complex topics (e.g. finance and technology) into engaging content for individualsShe also has a highly tuned sense for digital marketing, as all of her content is optimized for SEO.”

Sofia Rosato

CEO, SnapEngage